Sliding systems

Product information

Large spaces! Wide openings! More modularity! A bigger view of the city. With the new folding / sliding door system WICSLIDE 75FD, living and working spaces become open to their environment. Its characteristic style element is creating a link between the inside and the outside.

WICSLIDE 75FD is notable for its large dimensions. With the WICSLIDE 75FD folding / sliding door system, it is possible to construct elements with a total width of more than 12000 mm and a of more than 3000 mm, using up to 10 leaves and only few different components. The barrier-free doors can be opened both towards the inside and the outside.

Finishes on the WICSLIDE 75FD folding doors are carefully designed for visual harmony in both open and closed positions. When open, all elements are black, the screw heads and the lower rollers are concealed by black caps. When closed, the profiles are flush and their presence is dignified and balanced. The black hinges and the diameter of the hinges are integrated into the vertical line of the seal.

Finishes have been designed to the last detail: All hinges and gasket seals are black; the handles are coated in the same colour as the profiles.
An ergonomic pull handle, no wider than the joints, ensures the best possible discreet integration into the leaves. The handle is mounted on hinges to make opening and closing easier.
An extra-flat handle design for a contemporary look. The semi-cylinder lock covers can be painted any colour. Fixings are invisible when closed.