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Achieve passive house standards using 75 mm profiles

The highest energy efficiency standards are a key feature of the latest WICONA window series. WICLINE 75 TOP’s highly innovative ETC Intelligence® thermal break zone ensures highly effective thermal performance equivalent to stringent passive house standards.

WICONA’s WICLINE 75 TOP is a window system which is equivalent to passive house standards in energy performance. It combines ease of fabrication and the unrivalled quality of conventional aluminium window systems with a 75 mm frame depth and the highest levels thermal performance from one single system.

T = High levels of thermal insulation
O = Optimum performance and fabrication
P = Passive house standards

The new ETC Intelligence® thermal break zone ensures Uf values for the glazed unit/frame combination can be as low as 1.0 W/m²K as a result of an intelligent combination of materials and design – with no additional inserts for insulation

ETC Intelligence® means:
▪ Low Emission foil to reflect heat emissions effectively
▪ Low Transmission insulation webbing material to keep heat transfer to a minimum
▪ Low Convection insulation profile fins to minimise heat loss through convection in the thermal break zone