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Address : Stadionstrasse 2
5071 Wals-Siezenheim
Contact person : Dietmar Castelpietra
- Austria

Architect : Marius Consulting - Austria

Fabricator : Brandauer - Austria

Arrow iconTechnical details

Window systems


Aluminium window system with profile depth of 70mm and extensive choice of profiles Heat transmission coefficient Uf value up to 1.7 W/m2K Sashes with overlap, flush fitting or concealed Standard fittings Top mounted or inlet gear Time-saving assembly thanks to straightforward corner connection, pre-mounted fitting components and user-oriented systems technology System construction identically with WICLINE 60 E Optimized thermal insulation. Uf value up to 1.5W/m²K
Built:: - High insulation
Door systems


thermally broken aluminium door system with 70 mm structural depth and extensive choice of profiles use of aluminium butt or surface mounted hinges optional upgrade to burglary resistance class WK 2 with no visual impact optional upgrade to bullet resistance class FB 4 Panic fittings to EN 179 resp. EN 1125