Clinique psychiatrique CHRU de Nîmes



Arrow iconProject overview

Address : 4 place Pr Robert Debré
30000 Nîmes
Contact person : Frédéric PINGLOT
+33 (0) - France

Other planning committee : Photos : Patrick Loubet - France / Maître d'ouvrage - CHRU de Nîmes - 30000 - Nîmes - France

Architect : AIA Associés - 20 rue Lortet - 69007 - Lyon - France -

Fabricator : Smac - 13000 - Aix en Provence - France

Project details : Mecano and Wicline 50E

Arrow iconTechnical details

Facade systems


Stick type curtain wall with 52 mm sight lines, 2 connecting and sealing solutions: continuous aluminium pressure plates or punctual holders made of polyamide The bearing structure allows for different exterior façade designs: grid, horizontal or vertical cover profiles, SSG, SG BG and punctually held glass for vertical and polygonal façades as well as roof glazing Thermal performance: Ucw 100 % glazed = 1,4 W/m².K with glass Ug = 1,1 W/m².K, Ucw 50 % glazed = 1,1 W/m².K with glass Ug = 1,1 W/m².K Possibility to integrate SSG and SG BG windows as fixed glazing or opening sashes, high thermal performance: Ucw = 1,3 W/m².K with glass Ug global = 1,0 W/m².K, Ucw = 1,1 W/m².K with glass Ug global = 0,7 W/m².K Sound insulation performance RA,tr = 41 dB
Built:: - Fixed glazing
window systems


Thermally broken window system with 50mm profile depth for useage inside of buildings Standard sash with overlap Standard fittings Top mounted or inlet gear Time-saving assembly thanks to straightforward corner connection, pre-mounted fitting components and user-oriented systems technology
Built:: - Single leaf
Door systems


Aluminium hinged and folding doors, thermally broken, with 50 mm frame depth Infill thickness up to 35 mm 3 parts butt hinges with unhinging prevention or surface mounted hinges Burglary resistant with unhinging finger Available in intensive use version, profile wall thickness: 3 mm, large sizes, barrier-free thresholds, endurance test class 8: 1 million opening and closing cycles
Built:: - Double leaf - Single leaf