Groupe scolaire Lucie Aubrac



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Address :
92000 Nanterre
Contact person : Antonin Cornu-Langy
- France

Fabricator : Plastalu - 21000 - Ouges - France

Architect : Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes - 75000 - Paris - France

Arrow iconTechnical details

Facade systems


Stick type curtain wall with 52 mm sight lines, 2 connecting and sealing solutions: continuous aluminium pressure plates or punctual holders made of polyamide The bearing structure allows for different exterior façade designs: grid, horizontal or vertical cover profiles, SSG, SG BG and punctually held glass for vertical and polygonal façades as well as roof glazing Thermal performance: Ucw 100 % glazed = 1,4 W/m².K with glass Ug = 1,1 W/m².K, Ucw 50 % glazed = 1,1 W/m².K with glass Ug = 1,1 W/m².K Possibility to integrate SSG and SG BG windows as fixed glazing or opening sashes, high thermal performance: Ucw = 1,3 W/m².K with glass Ug global = 1,0 W/m².K, Ucw = 1,1 W/m².K with glass Ug global = 0,7 W/m².K Sound insulation performance RA,tr = 41 dB Trame horizontale Capot de traverse en forme d'ogive ou ronde En vertical, maintien des volumes par un anti-dépresseur ponctuel Joint creux de 22 mm entre les montants Prise de volume de 6 à 42 mm Intégration d'ouvrants VEC Trame verticale Capot en forme darrondie ou droite En horizontal, maintien des volumes par un presseur ponctuel Prise de volume de 6 à 42 mm Intégration d'ouvrants VEC
Built:: - Fixed glazing - Semi façade - Turn
Sliding systems


sliding and lift-sliding door as room closure element slim outer frame with two or three tracks and structural depth of 160/ 240 mm Increased thermal insulation using sash profiles of 60 mm structural depth high thermal insulation with Uw down to 1,3 W/m²K sash dimensions for big glazings up to 3,5x2,6m easy upgrading to burglary resistance class WK1 and WK2
Built:: - Single leaf - Lift & slide
Sliding systems


The new WICSLIDE 160 lifting sliding system combines excellent thermal insulation with highest functionality and design. Impressive leaf dimensions and enduring operation comfort are your guarantors for maximum customer satisfaction. With state-of-the-art technology and innovative advantages in fabrication WICSLIDE 160 is a high-tech product that sets new standards.