Lycée Guillaume Budé



Arrow iconProject overview

Address : Voie Georges Pompidou
94450 Limeil Brévannes
Contact person : Antonin Cornu-Langy
- France

Fabricator : Duval Métalu - Mr Peyramayou - 75055 - Le Mans

Architect : Berthelier, Fichet et Tribouillet - Sophie Berthelier - 75014 - Paris

Project details : Renovation. Double skin façade. First skin made of WICLINE 50E windows with or without punched sheet or blue polycarbonate infill (R3 & R4). Second skin made of a WICTEC 50 curtain wall with an apparent screwing capping and an integration of WICSLIDE 26 lift and sliding doors (R0 to R1). Ferro-WICSTYLE 55N doors.

Arrow iconTechnical details

Facade systems


Filigree look without any change in appearance to the inner mullion and transom gaskets Ideal for vertical and polygon façades, sloped glazing and spatial structures Individual design thanks to a wide range of profile geometries for the structural and glazing profiles Uf for standard version up to 1.2W/m²K infill thickness 3 - 51mm Reliable glass load transmission (up to 4 kN), with adapted transom-joint technology Overlapping and secure drainage at the cross point, without mechanical mullion processing, ensures tried-and-tested impermeability Broad selection of profiles enables economic adaptation to structural requirements, with the additional option of internal reinforcement Glazing from outside featuring single- and/or two-part pressure and cover profiles Design options with concealed or visible screw fixture Extensive solutions for structure junctions and conservatories
Built:: - Special construction
window systems


Thermally broken window system with 50mm profile depth for useage inside of buildings Standard sash with overlap Standard fittings Top mounted or inlet gear Time-saving assembly thanks to straightforward corner connection, pre-mounted fitting components and user-oriented systems technology
Built:: - Classic design
Sliding systems


sliding / lift-sliding door for room separations and balcony enclosure outer frame with two or three tracks with slim structural depth of 105 / 160 mm Slim sash profiles of 40 mm structural depth sash dimensions up to 2,1x2,45m easily upgradable to burglary resistance class WK1 and WK2 extensive design possibilities with up to 6 sahses, combination with fixed glazings possible Uw – values down to 1,6 W/m²K possible with suitable glazing
Built:: - Special construction
Door systems


Solution for doors made of galfan steel and stainless steel without thermal break, frame and leaf depth 55 mm, ample choice of profiles for a wide range of applications. Assembly by welding Clipped glazing beads (aluminium, steel or stainless steel) Sash glazing gaskets made of EPDM Infill thickness of 2-40 mm (fixed glazing and leaf) Max leaf dimensions: H 2400 x W 1100 mm
Built:: - Finger protection door pivoted