Siège de Rossignol

Office buildings


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Address : 220 rue Pommarin
38430 Moirans
Contact person : Hamid Blurfruchan
- France

Architect : Hérault Arnod Architectes - Isabelle Herault - 38000 - Grenoble

Metal Builders : Amalgame (façades Mecano) - Mr Devillers - 69126 - Brindas / AMSE SA (verrière Wictec 50) - Mr Georges Chambe - 69491 - Sarcey

Project details : Rossignol headquarters, in Grenoble valley, has a dynamic slithering effect with its curves which draws a huge wood roofing. Mecano curtain wall. Z-shapped rooflight is made of WICTEC 50.

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Facade systems


Stick type curtain wall with 52 mm sight lines, 2 connecting and sealing solutions: continuous aluminium pressure plates or punctual holders made of polyamide The bearing structure allows for different exterior façade designs: grid, horizontal or vertical cover profiles, SSG, SG BG and punctually held glass for vertical and polygonal façades as well as roof glazing Thermal performance: Ucw 100 % glazed = 1,4 W/m².K with glass Ug = 1,1 W/m².K, Ucw 50 % glazed = 1,1 W/m².K with glass Ug = 1,1 W/m².K Possibility to integrate SSG and SG BG windows as fixed glazing or opening sashes, high thermal performance: Ucw = 1,3 W/m².K with glass Ug global = 1,0 W/m².K, Ucw = 1,1 W/m².K with glass Ug global = 0,7 W/m².K Sound insulation performance RA,tr = 41 dB
Built:: - Fixed glazing
Facade systems


Filigree look without any change in appearance to the inner mullion and transom gaskets Ideal for vertical and polygon façades, sloped glazing and spatial structures Individual design thanks to a wide range of profile geometries for the structural and glazing profiles Uf for standard version up to 1.2W/m²K infill thickness 3 - 51mm Reliable glass load transmission (up to 4 kN), with adapted transom-joint technology Overlapping and secure drainage at the cross point, without mechanical mullion processing, ensures tried-and-tested impermeability Broad selection of profiles enables economic adaptation to structural requirements, with the additional option of internal reinforcement Glazing from outside featuring single- and/or two-part pressure and cover profiles Design options with concealed or visible screw fixture Extensive solutions for structure junctions and conservatories
Built:: - Conservatories