KKH Halle

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Address : Bugenhagenstr. 13-16
06110 Halle
Contact person : Verkaufsbüro Nord-Ost
- Germany

Fabricator : HAGA Metallbau GmbH - Gottfried-Schenker-Str. 24 - 09244 - Lichtenau - Germany -

Architect : Hyder Consulting GmbH Deutschland - Grunewaldstraße 61-62 - 10825 - Berlin - Germany -

Project details : The HochTief Construction AG in Saxony developed a new office building for the commercial health insurance in Halle as well as for the Shopping Centre Schnee. This modern building is an office location which reaches out beyond the country borders. It includes office surfaces on three floors and offers a generous branch office for customer business. Furthermore there are shops located on the ground floor. All facades in direction to the street got a room high glazing. The ground plan is ultraflexible designed so the office partitions can be organised in the way needed. The shopping centre Schnee has got an important historical meaning for the city. The monument which was built by famous architects in the 20th century got restored and expanded. Shop space arose on the ground and first floor and rentable office space on the other floors.

Arrow iconTechnical details

window systems


Aluminium window system profile depth of 77mm Optimised thermal insulation, Uf values up to 1.5 W/m²K and Uw values up to 1.0 W/m2K Extensive choice of profiles for comprehensive range of applications, ideal for renovation projects too Sashes with overlap, fitted flush or concealed Standard or concealed fittings Top mounted, rebate or inlet gear possible
Built:: - Turn/tilt