Radisson SAS Hotel, Frankfurt

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Address : Franklinstr. 65
60486 Frankfurt
Contact person : Verkaufsbüro West
- Germany

Fabricator : Rupert App GmbH & Co. - Metallbau - 88299 - Leutkirch - Germany -

Architect : John Seifert Architects - 60331 - Frankfurt am Main - Germany

Project details : Unitized facade, fixed glazing, integrated guide rail for cleaning carriages

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Facade systems


Unitized façade system for installation of completely assembled façade elements visible sight lines 60/70/90mm infill thickness up to 41mm max façade element dimesions up to 4x4m dry glazing with small, continuous glazing gaskets Efficient thermal insulation to fulfil the requirements of the EnEV 2009
Built:: - Special construction