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Address : Záhony utca 7
1031 Budapest
Contact person : Peter Palyi
- Hungary

Architect : Vikár and Lukács Architects Studio - Szervita tér 5 - 1052 - Budapest - Hungary

Fabricator : Schal-Tech Kft. - Budapesti út 28 - 2040 - Budaörs - Hungary

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window systems

WICLINE 65 evo

Technical performance: Profile technology: High insulation multi-chamber system in symmetric design, quality assured thermal insulator connection Patented corner and butt joint connection technologyfor high rigidity of frames and sashes Thermal insulation: Uf values until 1.2 W/(m²K) Ucw values depending on the combination of curtain wall and sash Inward opening options: Turn / turn-tilt / tilt window Concealed sash Burglar resistance Fittings: Heavy duty system fittings with: -visible hinges, powder coating or anodization in all colours -concealed hinges with integrated end position damping, opening angle max. 105° Sash weight: -Visible turn / tilt fittings: up to 160 kg -Concealed turn / tilt fittings: up to 200 kg -Turn hinges (on demand): up to 300 kg Sash sizes (w x h): 1700 mm x 2500 mm Optionally with opening limiter in various executions