City Tower

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Address : Via Macello
39100 Bolzano
Contact person : Roberta Salma
- Italy

Architect : Arch. Roberto Nicoli - Bolzano - Italy

Fabricator : Intercom s.r.l. - Cittadella (PD) - Italy

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Sunshade systems


Built:: - Fixed
Facade systems


all glass façade (SG) in unitised frame technology based on stick type façade integration of opening elements with same optical appearance as the fixed glazing concealed fastening system allows for access from inside or outside in case of replacement mechanical safeguard of outer glass pane optional no difference in thermal insulation level between fixed glazing and opening elements polygonal layout with angles up to 18° possible
Facade systems


Unitized façade system with filigree and constant visible sightlines of 60mm for transom and mullion view from external like a "picture frame" due to a supplementary glazing bead High insulting solution offers up to an Ucw=0.9W/m²K infill thickness up to 36mm max façade element dimesions 2.8x3.5m simple installation at site due to preadjusted standardized WICONA ancore system