Vodafone Village

Office buildings

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Address :
Contact person : Roberta Salma
- Italy

Architect : Rolando Gantès e Roberto Morisi - via Fatebenefratelli 4 - 20121 - Milano - Italy

Fabricator : Intercom SRL - Via Facca, 46 - 35013 - Cittadella (PD) - Italy

Project details : The main challenge facing Wicona during the Vodafone Village project was to develop a system/project that would be highly efficient and effective in terms of energy saving, sound insulation, comfort, lighting and personal safety. Right from the beginning, Wicona opted for a solution, which, while guaranteeing high performance ratings, was as cost-effective as possible. The size of the buildings, their position and layout, differences in their internal purposes/functions, and the need to minimise maintenance requirements, pointed towards a facade design drawing WICTEC EL. A façade that could provide all the heat and sound insulation required. The Venetian blinds installed in the aforementioned cavity provided solar protection and internal lighting control. The domotic features (optimising quality of life in the buildings) focused on the management system for the blinds, which, in turn, was integrated with the rest of the control systems for the entire building. The natural ventilation system involved injecting air through the lower section of the cell and expelling it from the top section of both of the vertical supports of the cell in question. This prevents the kind of “energy short-circuit” that would happen if heated air were ejected through the upper cross beam of a cell and then allowed back in through the lower section of the cell above it.

Arrow iconTechnical details

Facade systems


Unitized façade system with filigree and constant visible sightlines of 60mm for transom and mullion view from external like a "picture frame" due to a supplementary glazing bead High insulting solution offers up to an Ucw=0.9W/m²K infill thickness up to 36mm max façade element dimesions 2.8x3.5m simple installation at site due to preadjusted standardized WICONA ancore system
window systems


Aluminium window system profile depth of 77mm Optimised thermal insulation, Uf values up to 1.5 W/m²K and Uw values up to 1.0 W/m2K Extensive choice of profiles for comprehensive range of applications, ideal for renovation projects too Sashes with overlap, flush fitting or concealed Standard or concealed fittings Top mounted, rebate or inlet gear possible Bullet resistance class up to FB4 NS Burglar resistance class up to WK3