Office buildings


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Address : Allee Scheffer 1
2520 Luxemburg
Contact person : Pedro Melis
- Netherlands

Architects : Atetelier d'art Urbain - 1060 - Brussel - Belgium / Jean Petit - 1251 - Luxembourg - Luxembourg

Fabricator : Rano NV - 9700 - Oudenaarde - Belgium

Project details : Custom made unitised system, active façade (interior ventilated)

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Facade systems


WICONA Duowall double façade systems are system solutions individually tailored to the building requirements. The technical values depend on the systems used. Outstanding thermal insulation Optimal use of solar energy gains Natural ventilation in all weather conditions Very good sound protection, even when windows are open Simple integration of building technology, sun protection, functional elements Individual configuration of system technology Integration of different opening elements
Built:: - Special construction