Hammarby Gård

Residential buildings

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Address : Hammarby Sjöstad
Contact person : Sales office Sweden
- Sweden

Architects : Johannes Norlander Arkitektur AB - Stockholm - Sweden / Arrhov Frick Arkitektkontor AB - Stockholm - Sweden / Arkitektkontor Dinell Johansson - Stockholm - Sweden / Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter - Stockholm - Sweden / Hultman - Vogt - Stockholm - Sweden / Jägnefält Milton - Stockholm - Sweden / PAJU Arkitektur och Landskap - Stockholm - Sweden

Fabricator : ScandiFront AB - Stockholm - Sweden

Other planning committee : Erik Wik - Stockholm - Sweden

Project details :
  • Hammarby Gård consists of seven units, located within the same residential block, HG7, in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm.
  • Each building was designed by a certain architect firm, hand-picked to create unique building expressions.
  • The buildings hold residential areas, stores and office spaces.
  • An architect planned inner yard is located within the building block.
  • The creative architecture was used to simplify and enhance the weekdays for the residentials.
  • The project connects with the history of the industrial and harbour area.
  • The buildings together cover an area of appr. 19 000 square meters.

Arrow iconTechnical details

window systems

WICLINE 65 evo

Technical performance: Profile technology: High insulation multi-chamber system in symmetric design, quality assured thermal insulator connection Patented corner and butt joint connection technologyfor high rigidity of frames and sashes Thermal insulation: Uf values until 1.2 W/(m²K) Ucw values depending on the combination of curtain wall and sash Inward opening options: Turn / turn-tilt / tilt window Concealed sash Burglar resistance Fittings: Heavy duty system fittings with: -visible hinges, powder coating or anodization in all colours -concealed hinges with integrated end position damping, opening angle max. 105° Sash weight: -Visible turn / tilt fittings: up to 160 kg -Concealed turn / tilt fittings: up to 200 kg -Turn hinges (on demand): up to 300 kg Sash sizes (w x h): 1700 mm x 2500 mm Optionally with opening limiter in various executions
Sliding systems


65 mm outer frame with a 30 mm polyamide double strip (PA 6.6) A choice of opening frame designs (central and lateral mullions) : Square Rounded Condemnation by lock 1, 2 and 3 points with 3 points to key Maximum size per leaf: L 1500 x H 2500 mm Maximum weight per leaf : Single rollers: 80 kg Double rollers: 160 kg Double rollers strengthened : 220 kg Thermal (2-leaf frame L 2300 x H 2180 mm): Uw < 1.5 W/m².K with Ug = 1.0 W/m².K Acoustic (2-leaf casement L 1848 x H 2180 mm continuous outer frame with double glazing 44.2S /14/8) : RA,tr = 35 dB
Sliding systems


The new WICSLIDE 160 lifting sliding system combines excellent thermal insulation with highest functionality and design. Impressive leaf dimensions and enduring operation comfort are your guarantors for maximum customer satisfaction. With state-of-the-art technology and innovative advantages in fabrication WICSLIDE 160 is a high-tech product that sets new standards.