FIFA Weltfussballverband Zürich

Office buildings


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Address : FIFA-Strasse 20
8044 Zürich
Contact person : Peter Isele
+41 41 391 04 02 - Switzerland

Metal Builders : Surber Metallbau AG - ARGE Partner - Hohlstrasse 211 - 8004 - Zürich - Switzerland - / Aepli Metallbau AG - ARGE Partner - Industriestrasse 15 - 9200 - Gossau - Switzerland -

Architect : Tilla Theus und Partner AG - dipl. Arch. ETH/SIA/BSA - Bionstrasse 18 - 8006 - Zürich - Switzerland

Project details : The new headquarter of the World Football Association (FIFA) offers space for 300 jobs and also serves as a conference centre and archive Due to the recessed ground floor of 140 m length, 47 meters width and 12 m height, the building seems to float. The two upper floors and five basement floors have a total area of 37 400 m². A diagonally woven metal mesh is stretched out as envelop in front of the load-bearing façade structure. The woven envelop, 312 individual lengths of stainless steel, appear transparent or closed depending on the light incidence. The layers behind- load bearing façade and surrounding walkways – can be seen as through a diffuse filter. The structure is a highly insulated unitized façade with fixed glazed fields and narrow, vertical ventilation flap for natural ventilation. The ventilation flaps are controlled through drives integrated into the profiles of the façade. They shall provide for adequate ventilation and further ensure smoke and heat extraction.

Arrow iconTechnical details

Facade systems


Tailored unitised façade solution for buildings with a unique visual design Perfectly suited for big, transparent façades Individual, customized façade system to meet specific requirements of each building; developed by the international WICONA experts and tested in the certified WICONA Test Centre Production of the complete units in the workshop, avoiding any weather influence and thus assuring a constantly high production quality Fast, efficient and projectable assembly on site thanks to prefabricated and glazed units with patented drainage system for unitised façades Outstanding performance: high thermal insulation and sound insulation
Built:: - High insulation - Ventilation flap
Door systems


thermally broken door system for use as classical residential entrance door in new and renovated buildings overlapping infill possible choice of thermally broken aluminium threshold or plastic as well as barrier-free version use of surface mounted hinges, aluminium or stainless steel butt hinges – horizontally and vertically adjustable, or concealed hinges
Built:: - Open outwards - Double leaf
window systems

WICLINE 75 evo

Ventilation flap High insulation aluminium turn sash with 180 mm or 250 mm visible width Sash weight: 80 kg Sash sizes (w x h): 180 mm x 3000 mm or 250 mm x 3000 mm System depth 75 mm, sash depth 87 mm Profiles prepared for full motor integration Slim, homogeneous design Uf value stepwise adaptable until 1.2 W/(m²K) Visible hinges and fittings, powder coated or anodised, for sash width 250 mm Concealed hinges with integrated end Position damping for sash width 180 mm and 250 mm Fully integrated motor drive possible