Hyatt 48 Lex - NY


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Address : 517 Lexington Avenue - NY
NY 10017 New york
United States
Contact person : Roberta Salma
- Italy

Fabricator : GStramandinoli Srl - Rivalta TO - Italy

Architect : Nobutaka Ashihara Associates NY - New York - United States

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Facade systems


Unitized façade system with filigree and constant visible sightlines of 60mm for transom and mullion view from external like a "picture frame" due to a supplementary glazing bead High insulting solution offers up to an Ucw=0.9W/m²K infill thickness up to 36mm max façade element dimesions 2.8x3.5m simple installation at site due to preadjusted standardized WICONA ancore system