412 West 15th Street

Edificios oficinas


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Dirección : 412 West 15th Street
New York
Estados Unidos
Persona contacto : Roberta Salma
- Italia

Arquitecto : CetraRuddy Architecture


Otros colaboradores : Photos - Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)

Project details :

WICONA, present in one of the tallest buildings in New York’s Meatpacking District. CetraRuddy Architecture creates a new lifestyle workplace environment, connecting the future and the past.

The office building on 412 West 15th Street, near Ninth Avenue, is a new feature in the landscape of New York’s Meatpacking District. The architecture and interior design of the new building blend in with, and relate to, its surroundings in response to the vibrant spirit of this district. The building was designed by CetraRuddy Architecture and includes an 18-story new construction tower connected to a 5-story landmark district structure to create an urban office campus.

Initially planned as a hotel, market changes led to a change of use and it was constructed as a commercial office building to generate a higher economic return. The end result is a flexible, open-plan office with meeting and work spaces that house different business activities.

The new office building has an elegant aluminium glass façade, specifically designed for this project by WICONA. The customised WICONA solution is a WICTEC EL SG unitised curtain wall, a modular aluminium façade system for large glazed areas with structural glass panels. The curtain wall units are prefabricated and glazed in the workshop and assembled into complete, individual prefabricated units. Because each unit is produced and assembled individually and independently of the other elements, the system is flexible and easily tailored to specific project requirements.

The black terrazzo tiled floors and dark stainless steel of the façade blend in perfectly with the surroundings. Furthermore, the ground floor of the new building connects an adjacent building on 413 West 14th Street, literally creating a link between past and the future.

Another feature of the project is the lack of pillars on the top floor, increasing the flexible, open-plan nature of the different work and meeting areas. Both the structure and the glazed façade offer panoramic views of the city and the Hudson River, flooding the building interior with natural light. This transmission of light is enhanced by the external glazing, the height of the building and the layout of the terraces.

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Sistema de fachada modular para instalación de módulos completos en obra Línea vista de perfiles 60/70/90mm Grueso de relleno hasta 41mm Medidas máximas de módulo 4x4m Acristalalmiento con una pequeña junta seca contínua Aislamiento térmico eficiente, para cumplir con los requerimientos de EnEV 2009