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Dirección : Via del Laghetto, 17
39042 Bressanone BZ
Persona contacto : Roberta Salma
- Italia

Arquitecto : Markus Tauber Architectura

: Vitralux - Italia

Otros colaboradores : Photos - Oskar da Riz

Project details :

Graphic architecture in the Brix 0.1 restaurant built with WICONA aluminium systems

The Brix 0.1 restaurant, the work of Markus Tauber Architectura, is located in the Lido Park in Brixen, Italy, and its origins date back to 1880. The park was built around an old section of the river Eisack, which is currently a small lake where people go fishing and swimming. The project was conceived as a way of improving this city centre park with a building that would blend perfectly into the natural surroundings. In the words of the architect:“This building, simple but extremely graphic, is overlooking the lake”.  The most eye-catching feature of the building’s façade is its sculpted covering, an outer shell made with sheets of Corten steel, which “stands out in green during the day while at night it becomes a lantern and water, almost by magic, and turns into a mirror for the structure”.

Different spaces are joined together by WICONA aluminium systems on an extraordinary scale

The bright, transparent design that so characterises the building has been achieved thanks to the Wicona systems used. The WICTEC 50 curtain wall used in the building offers infinite combinations and possibilities in terms of both stick façades – with different interior and exterior looks – and unitised façades. Thanks to the creation of these glazed connections between the different areas, users can enjoy full views of the complex. In addition, the WICTEC 50 façade has achieved the Bronze level in the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Product Standard.

The building also features the WICSLIDE 160 lifting sliding system, a WICONA range that combines excellent thermal and acoustic insulation (up to 47 dB) with the highest levels of functionality and design. The large size of its panels – which measure up to 3240 x 3400 mm – have made it possible to break down the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor spaces so that diners can enjoy an exceptional culinary experience in a setting of constant dialogue with nature. The finishing touch to the restaurant’s design is a large cantilevered roof that creates a sheltered area next to a terrace where visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the lake.

Doors from the WICSTYLE 75 evo range have been used to provide access into the building, making it possible to mirror the large dimensions of the sliding doors. They can also support significant weights, without losing out in terms of ease of use and durability. This is thanks to the joining systems and hinges specially designed for this function.

The inside of the building is also lit up through the openings in the Corten steel sheets. The kitchen is warm and welcoming and is designed so that diners can look in and watch the chefs as they create their renowned dishes that fuse together the most modern ingredients with local tradition.

This unique project has been singled out as winner of the architecture prize in the Iconic Awards, the first neutral international architecture and design competition that focuses on how the disciplines interact.

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Sistema de fachada stick con línea vista de perfiles 50mm Ideal para fachadas rectas y poligonales, inclinadas y volumétricas Diseño individualizado gracias a un amplio rango con diferentes geometrias de perfiles estructurales y de acristalamiento Versión estandard con valor Uf hasta 1.2W/m²K Grueso de relleno 3 - 51mm Importante carga admisible de vidrio (hasta 4 kN) Acristalamiento desde el exterior con un perfil tapa-presor o dos perfiles persor y tapa exterior Opciones de diseño con tornillos ocultos o vistos Amplia de solucion de uniones a estructura y verandas
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