Chris Hoy Velodrome

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Dirección : 1000 London Road
G40 3HG Glasgow
Reino Unido
Persona contacto : Paul Ruddick
- Reino Unido
Project details :

Architects: 3D Reid

Metal Builder: Dane Architectural

The Emirates Arena and Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome created a new world class sporting landmark for Scotland, which was a showpiece for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Designed by architects 3DReid and built by Sir Robert McAlpine for Glasgow City Council, this £116m development is one of the largest indoor sports facilities in Europe and Scotland’s first indoor velodrome.

The complex is one of the most versatile, flexible and innovative structures of its type in Europe. It houses two stadia – a 5,000-seat indoor arena and a 2,000-seat velodrome with a connecting circulation space, the ‘hub’, inbetween, which accommodates ancillary facilities and the headquarters of the national sport federation.

The WICONA WICTEC 50 curtain walling solution was specified to accommodate large unsupported spans of glass of up to 4m long, with special connections for the transoms and mullions engineered to take the heavier loads for the spans. The system also offered slim sections and consistent profile sizes across the project.

The curtain wall was faceted for the velodrome to follow the curve of this striking building and was used with curved bull nose caps to add interest to the façade by accentuating the horizontal profiles.

The system spans four storeys on the hub that links the two venues, and 77m long screens of grid curtain walling were constructed to enclose the arena. Other areas of glazing include the atria roof and the level 2 entrance.

State-of-the-art facilities at the Emirates Arena and Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome include a 200m long hydraulic running track, telescopic seating to allow good sightlines for spectators, and a 250m high-banked indoor cycle track with a multi-use in-field area. The scheme also incorporates a community sports centre, four flood-lit five-a-side pitches, a 1km outdoor cycle track, gym, spa, dance studio and indoor roller sports facility.


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Aspecto poligonal, sin ningún cambio de apariencia en juntas de montantes y travesaños interiores Ideal para fachadas rectas y poligonales, inclinadas y volumétricas Diseño individualizado gracias a un amplio rango con diferentes geometrias de perfiles estructurales y de acristalamiento Uf hasta 1.2W/m²K, solucion para casas pasivas hasta Uf =0.74W/m²K Importante carga admisible de vidrio (hasta 4 kN) Acristalamiento desde el exterior con un perfil tapa-presor o dos perfiles persor y tapa exterior Opciones de diseño con tornillos ocultos o vistos Amplia de solucion de uniones a estructura y verandas Clasificación antirobo hasta WK3 con perfil presor reforzado Clasificación antibalas hasta FB4 Clasificación antifuego G30/F30, principio idéntico a WICTEC 50 Completo rango de productos para lucernarios o fachadas inclinadas Fácil integración de ventanas de techo, homologable como exutorio SHEV Variante como fachada solo vidrio, apariencia similar a fachada silicona estructural (SSG) Disponible perfil presor con guía oculta para protección solar integrada