Gamlestadens Resecentrum

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Dirección : Gamlestadstorget
415 02 Gothenburg
Persona contacto : Sales office Sweden
- Suecia

Arquitecto : Arkitektbyrån Design AB

: UPB Aile

Otros colaboradores : Photo: Felix Gerlach

Project details :

Gamlestaden Resecentrum is the building that everyone passes by – an architectural landmark that forms an important natural meeting place in north-east Gothenburg. With more than 30,000 travellers passing through the area daily, this site will be one of the main hubs for rail, tram and bus traffic in the city. The glass facades and windows were supplied by WICONA.

This iconic building is part of the development of north-east Gothenburg. It takes inspiration from the urban heartbeat of the land and the tranquillity of the sky. The architects – Ariktektbyrån Design – were clear from the start that this had to be an attractive building to look at – because it is in view all the time. The project was completed in summer 2018 and marked the start of a massive district development programme that will continue in Gamlestaden over the next few years. The building will form a dynamic urban centre that is full of life, for residents, workers and passers-by.

Well-planned architecture with space for development

17 stories of office space totalling 17,000 square metres reach for the sky, and every floor is well planned and modern. The fully glass facades give you a 360-degree view of the area, which provides jobs for over 1,000 people. The conference section is divided into a various creative spaces that offer stimulating and inspiring environments. The building also has three large roof terraces, which in summer provide space for dynamic and creative meetings.

Double-skin glazed facade from WICONA

The exterior of Gamlestaden Resecentrum has a double-skin glazed facade, with WICLINE 75 evo on the inside and WICTEC 50 EL on the outside. The fully glazed exterior walls ensure maximum transparency from the interior and exterior. To supplement this, a single-skin glazed facade consisting of WICTEC 50 has also been used. This system solution has high thermal and acoustic insulation performance that filters out the the bustle of life outside.

“The aluminium system solutions of WICONA for facades, doors and windows give you great design freedom to create the unique building that you envision. We always strive to find project solutions that match the specific requirements, while ensuring that production and assembly are as efficient as possible,” says Thomas Blom, Sales Manager for WICONA Nordics.

Gamlestaden has been nominated as the best building in Gothenburg in 2019 (Per and Alma Olsson Award).


Arrow iconDetalles técnicos



Sistema de fachada modular basada en sistema stick Linea vista de 50mm y para medios montantes 60mm Uf hasta 1.4W/m²K Grueso de relleno hasta 44mm Medidas máximas de módulo 3x3m


Aspecto poligonal, sin ningún cambio de apariencia en juntas de montantes y travesaños interiores Ideal para fachadas rectas y poligonales, inclinadas y volumétricas Diseño individualizado gracias a un amplio rango con diferentes geometrias de perfiles estructurales y de acristalamiento Uf hasta 1.2W/m²K, solucion para casas pasivas hasta Uf =0.74W/m²K Importante carga admisible de vidrio (hasta 4 kN) Acristalamiento desde el exterior con un perfil tapa-presor o dos perfiles persor y tapa exterior Opciones de diseño con tornillos ocultos o vistos Amplia de solucion de uniones a estructura y verandas Clasificación antirobo hasta WK3 con perfil presor reforzado Clasificación antibalas hasta FB4 Clasificación antifuego G30/F30, principio idéntico a WICTEC 50 Completo rango de productos para lucernarios o fachadas inclinadas Fácil integración de ventanas de techo, homologable como exutorio SHEV Variante como fachada solo vidrio, apariencia similar a fachada silicona estructural (SSG) Disponible perfil presor con guía oculta para protección solar integrada

WICLINE 75 evo