Gasholders, London

Bâtiments résidentiels


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Adresse : 1 Lewis Cubitt Square
N1C 4BY London
Contact : Paul Ruddick
- Royaume-Uni

Architecte : Wilkinson Ayre Architects - - 33 Bowling Green Lane - EC1R 0BJ - London - Royaume-Uni -

Autres intervenants : Developer: - Argent LLP - 4 Stable Street - N1C 4AB - London - Royaume-Uni - / Project Management: - Frener and Reifer - - 107 - 111 Fleet Street - EC4A 2AB - London - Royaume-Uni - / Photography: - John Kees - -

Détails du projet :

Dating from the 1880's, the 'Triplets' are a trio of interlocking skeletal drums that once held the supplies of Town Gas, which have now been relocated to a site near the Regents Canal; maintaining a link to the district's industrial past. Now containing 145 residences, The Gasholders have earned developer Argent, and Wilkinson Eyre Architects and RIBA London Award 2018 and a RIBA National Award 2018.

Within the Grade II steel framework that was restored at Shepley Engineering’s Yorkshire workshops, the triple glazed and thermally broken aluminium WICLINE window solution provides the occupants with excellent thermal performance and weather resistance, as well as high acoustic control as they look out on the views of the capital. The package was delivered by Italian Project Manager, Frener and Reifer, working in close consultation with WICONA at Ulm in Germany. The world-renowned consultancy, Arup filled the dual roles of façade and structural engineers.

The Facade Engineer on the project for Arup, Rob Buck, commented: “We provided a performance specification to Frener Reifer who then identified WICONA’s WICTEC system as the most applicable to the project’s demands. The WICONA façade system met the stringent thermal requirements which were compounded by the penetrations through the façade to support the balconies and solar-shading systems. The primary façade was installed from the floor plate which avoided the potential of clashing with the Gasholder steel framework.”