Kvarteret Pelaren

Bâtiment de bureaux


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Adresse : Pastellvägen
121 36 Johanneshov
Contact : Sales office Sweden
- Suède

Architecte : Strategisk Arkitektur in collaboration with Brunnberg & Forshed Arkitektkontor - Suède

Fabricant : Fasadglas AB - Contractor: Zengun AB - Suède

Autres intervenants : Photos: ©Erik Wik - Suède

Détails du projet :

Kvarteret Pelaren – a new exciting office building and landmark in Stockholm

Kvarteret Pelaren 1 opposite the Ericsson Globe in southern Stockholm is a new landmark and a significant feature in the new city of Söderstaden, one of Stockholm's major development areas. The project was designed by Strategisk Arkitektur in collaboration with Brunnberg & Forshed, commissioned by Fabege. In total, the building contains 2000 workplaces on an area of ​​20,000 square meters and was completed in late summer 2018.

The building has an elongate shape with a 12-storey tower and consists of large glazed surfaces and an angled metal cladding designed to give life and variation to the façade. The building has three light courts that divide the building into several parts. In order to make the building feel as one unit, the architects have put a lot of energy on the light slits to belong with the rest of the façade. The building's tower and main entrance are next to the Globentorget and a bridge links the neighborhood with the Ericsson Globe area.

Fasadglas AB, together with WICONA, has developed a system for a unitized outer shell of aluminum, glass and alucubond panels. In this case, the "inner" windows have been fitted with on spot-mounted fillings. This has resulted in considerable time savings during assembly. The façade reach Ucw 0.3.

Kvarteret Pelaren was designed to meet the requirements for the BREEAM-SE environmental classification system, level Very Good. The system covers the entire construction process, ranging from the building's energy use, indoor climate, water management, waste management to environmental impact and the location of the building in relation to public communication.

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Façade par éléments conçue pour montage d'éléments de façade entièrement préfabriqués pouvant atteindre 4,0 m en largeur et hauteur Faces vues fines de 60, 70 et 90 mm Prise de volume jusqu'à 41mm Pose du vitrage avec joints de vitrage continus EPDM fins Isolation thermique performante répondant dès aujourd'hui aux exigences de la norme EnEV 2009