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Indirizzo : Woodhouse Lane
LS2 9JT Leeds
Regno Unito
Contatto : Paul Ruddick
- Regno Unito
Dettagli del progetto :

Architects: ADP

The 6,500sqm state-of-the-art learning hub will help the University to provides a major cultural centre to enrich the student experience and the wider community.  It is a new gateway to the University, and its design is a bold and confident statement for the future of the institution. 

The scheme occupies a sensitive location in a conservation area, surrounded by listed buildings including two churches and in a streetscape that has remained almost unchanged in 50 years.

The four-storey library features large, flush picture windows formed using the WICTEC system, providing dramatic, panoramic views across the campus and the cityscape. The WICTEC 50SG structurally glazed system created a flush glass finish and was specially adapted for the project to anchor the solar shading fins.  It also had to meet stringent acoustic requirements and a rating of RwDB38 because of the building’s city centre location and the impact of high traffic levels.  

WICLINE 90SG opening vents were inserted into the curtain walling to naturally ventilate the stair core, and WICSTYLE 75 aluminium doors were used for two entrances on the ground floor and for access to the roof where there are 50,000 bees living in hives.

This is a sustainable building which is constructed to a BREEAM ‘excellent’ standard with low energy passive design and renewable energy generation. There was also robust thermal detailing to the envelope to deliver energy efficiency, as well as a sharp and contemporary appearance that reflects the ambition, vision and values of the University.


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L'aspetto delicato, con e senza le giunzioni di silicone tra i singoli elementi di vetro è caratteristico della facciata WICTEC 50SG. Il sistema offre la tecnologia del vetro strutturale con un vetro isolante che può essere inserito in facciate così come nelle coperture. Facciate interamente di vetro hanno un posto fisso nell’ architettura contemporanea e con questo sistema è più semplice costruirle utilizzando la ritenzione meccanica ma garantendo un eccezionale impatto visivo. La struttura di base è quella della facciata WICTEC 50 e il vetro è semplicemente installato sul sito. Questo sistema è più semplice e più conveniente rispetto alle tradizionali facciate strutturali.